Macrocarpa Rainbow Stacker - Limited Edition

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 Limited Edition laser cut Macrocarpa Rainbow stacker

Our Macrocarpa Rainbow stackers are laser cut so the edges are burnt, contrasting with the beautiful colour of macrocarpa. Macrocarpa is on of the most naturally durable woods grown in New Zealand.

Your child can assemble this rainbow stacker from smallest to biggest to create a spell binding rainbow as they discover one of the wonders of nature.

Due to the Rainbows being laser cut they tight fitting as there are no gaps between each arc. These are not stained or clear coated but left in their natural form.

Size: 33cm wide by 15cm high.

Age: 3+ years.

Rainbow Stackers should always be used under adult supervision at all times. Always inspect item before play and discard at the first sign of damage.

Material: Macrocarpa

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