The Little Abacus Collection



A timeless design never looked so good. Introducing our newest range, The Little Abacus Collection.

Created with the stylish parent in mind but with all the functionality our little ones need to learn, grow and love.

 Available in two sizes, the small Abacus consists of 50 beads which is great for beginner learners aged 1-5 years. The large Abacus has a total of 100 beads for more advanced counting, or those beginning mathematical equations. Great for ages 5 years and up.

 Learning with an Abacus is one of the best ways to improve arithmetic skills and number fluency. They make it easy to calculate subtraction, addition, division and multiplication.

Learning with an Abacus will enhance children’s problem-solving abilities while also boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence as their calculation skills improve. Mental skills will also be strengthened such as visualisation and memory.

 Our collection of Little Abacus’s are available with natural, stained or custom painted beads. The beads make learning exciting and fun while reinforcing concepts through child’s sense of touch.




For some tips on how to teach counting with an abacus head to our BLOG HERE

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